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LIVE FROM HONDURAS: Mel Zelaya sacrificed by coup resistance in hometown

Zelaya’s army of lynchers, however, continues to think he is important. (Photo: AFP)

Zelaya’s army of lynchers, however, continues to think he is important. (Photo: AFP)

Last night in the Honduran town of Catacamas, home of ousted President Manuel Zelaya in the department of Olancho, a meeting of coup resistance organizers took place at Colegio 18 de Noviembre. A number of teachers were in attendance, thus confirming the political orientation of the nation’s educators, who had already raised suspicions by repeatedly cancelling Thursday and Friday classes in order to demonstrate.

Further evidence of the squandering of intellectual opportunities by democracy was a stack of cardboard ballot boxes labelled “Encuesta de opinión, 28 de junio de 2009” in the corner of the Catacamas schoolroom where the meeting was held. Not held, of course, was the June 28 poll proposed by Zelaya, as it had coincided with his geographic repositioning by the Honduran military. A rumor has surfaced among certain Honduran sectors that funds squandered by Zelaya in publicity for his poll may have come from Venezuela, although it has not been established why it matters if Zelaya wastes Venezuelan money.

Other costs of public empowerment were outlined at the resistance meeting last night by a man in a red baseball cap who had just returned from the pro-Zelaya gathering in Nicaragua, attended by over 150 citizens of Catacamas. His hike through the mountains back to Honduras had lasted 11 hours, he declared,due to the fact that there were several gorditos impeding the movement of the pack. The stress of waiting for obese hikers had served to convince the man that the mere return of Zelaya to power was not a sufficient reward for his efforts and that only a complete overhaul of the governmental system would do; my own stamina was meanwhile tested after the meeting, when I decided it would be prudent to match Al Giordano of Narco News beer for beer.

The inundation was accompanied by a group of resistance organizers armed with a guitar and some old Sandinista songs, thus solidifying the claim that opposition to military coups was not endemic to Honduras but rather an invention of other meddlesome Latin American nations. The organizers denied, however, that Nicaraguan guerrilla models were appropriate for the Honduran resistance, something Zelaya had apparently reckoned when he announced the formation of his ejército popular y pacífico in Nicaragua.

The pacific nature of Zelaya’s army was called into question yesterday by an El Heraldo article entitled “Entrena ‘Guerrilla Zelayista’”, according to which the group had attempted to lynch an AFP reporter and photographer. Failure to carry out the lynching can be thanked for the inclusion of three photographs with the article, which depict alleged training sessions of Zelaya’s ejército. The person selecting the photos has evidently not deemed it at all inconsistent to feature a shot of two scraggly men doing push-ups in the grass—one with no shoes—approximately two inches above the line of text describing the attempted lynching by Zelaya’s “seguidores violentes.”

According to the resistance leaders in Catacamas, violente was a more suitable description of the Honduran police force, which had recently shot and killed a teacher at a protest in Tegucigalpa. The police had, however, restrained themselves yesterday afternoon at a checkpoint on the highway to Olancho, where Al rued the brief duration of our roadside interrogation and the fact that he did not get to tell the story he had prepared about coming to the region to explore a cave.

The man in the red baseball cap has forgiven Zelaya for having overweight supporters, and remarked at the meeting that the deposed president had opened the door for political change. Conceptions of Zelaya as catalyst rather than end goal are probably fortunate given the number of closed doors facing Zelaya himself.



  1. Lucas says:

    It shows us a handful of protesters focused on a photo without learning about the local context to know that over 80% of Hondurans are in favor of the new government Micheletti.

    There will always be a handful of diehards for the bad part because of their ignorance or because of well orchestrated manipulation.

    Have you checked that those protesters have not been paid in the pay of Zelay to scroll and all that is right for Dupper orchestrated the world?.

    This has already happened last July while taxi drivers were paid to collect demonstrators to feed the hype that the Western press is the unfortunate echo.

    The truth is that Mel Zelaya is an odious character corrupt to boot from Hugo Chavez and he was rightly sacked for incompetence by the Democratic organizations in place, the Supreme Court, the Congress as it sought to change the constitution to stay at power as his idol.

    How all these so-called developed countries can endorse a president vile, Machiavellian, power assoifé just deposed by democracy when a majority of people said no?.

    What is the purpose of democracy?

    Churchill said “democracy is the worst system but it is still the best”
    Mel Zelaya with democracy is at the bottom so you want a dictatorship to take this country in deep crisis: increase in crime, murder, disinvestment

    Micheletti that you know is from the same party as Mel Zelaya and support candidates of the opposition party and his own party?.

    Imagine that in France we have a president as incompetent and that all parties united, the majority and the opposition with the support of the National Assembly, Senate, Supreme Court, the army said remove the president in place for the head of the Senate Interim with presidential elections in three months?

    Why does Mel Zelaya tire there no Reverance while only a few months of its mandate?
    Why Honduras he calls the highest in the world?

    As a story has two sides: a democratic journalism, liberal and ethics should present them correctly.

    But even with prejudices ranks last on a banner idealism without showing adverse policy worked by a former president that is the door naked.

    It must be judged by his peers for his crimes in Honduras, and wallow in the right place to pay for his crimes in society.

    Go there and see you will be properly informed

    • Lu says:

      There are processes to remove incompetent presidents in democracies (if only the USA had availed itself of its impeachment processes!) in order to ensure stability in the government. The military seizing and exiling its commander in chief, elected by the people and recognized by the legislative and judicial branches, is not one of those. Once allowed, how do you get the cat back in the bag?

      • Alan says:

        Lu apparently knows nothing about what happened. “He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is folly and shame unto him.” Proverbs 18:13

        There is no formal impeachment process in Honduras, but Mel Zelaya undisputably broke so many constitutional mandates that it was MEL’s coup d’etat that was stopped in infancy and true constitutional democracy restored on June 28, 2009.

        But the Constitution is clear that ANY attempt to implement re-election or even promote it is automatically and “immediately” “ceases” in any official duties.

        The minute Zelaya acted illegally against the Constitution, and against the Supreme Court ruling, on June 25, 2009, he ceased to be the legal president in Honduras, and it became a coup-d’etat.

        *_disobeyed his own constitution,
        *_Supreme Court orders,
        *_initiated an illegal “survey” using illegal methods,
        *__with no way to verify or audit the count,
        *__was warned by the Supreme Electoral Tribunal,
        *__robbed the treasury by refusing to submit a budget as required by law,
        *__led a violent mob to “liberate” the Venezuela-printed “ballots” for the illegal fraud meant to justify his coup,
        *__robbed the programs for the poor to fund his elitist overthrow of the government,
        *__and continued to incite violent riots after his exile, which was probably his own choice to avoid prison.

        Hondurans have struck a severe blow against tyranny, and inspired the oppressed Venezuelan people in their defiance of the dictator imperialist expansionist Hugo Chavez with his blood brothers Fidel and Raul Castro.

        Honduras has shown that simple people and poor people are wise to the lying snakes that call themselves “socialists”.

        I saw the devil in these lying snakes even while I was still a Communist myself, practically snorting snot at the floor at the idea of talking to an actual worker “hardhat”.




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