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Postwar Photographs of Lebanon by Amelia Opalinska, Round II

A few months ago I posted a series of photographs of Lebanon taken in 2006 by my traveling companion Amelia Opalinska, in the aftermath of the July War perpetrated by Israel. I am now posting a second round in honor of the fourth anniversary of the conflict, which is referred to by the Israelis as the Second Lebanon War–the first being the 1982 invasion of Lebanon that killed approximately 17,500 people, mainly civilians. Other destructive Israeli incursions into the country, such as those in 1978, 1993, and 1996, have been exempted from the war count.

As for the second Qana massacre, which refers to the July 30, 2006 obliteration by Israeli air raids of 28 civilians in the same south Lebanese town where 106 refugees sheltered in a U.N. compound were obliterated during the 1996 conflict, potential candidates for the official Israeli title for the incident might include “the Second Qana Mistake” or “the Second Israeli Weeping Session for Qana”. The latter suggestion is inspired by Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz’ legal analysis of Israeli reactions to being forced by Hezbollah to kill Lebanese children.

Ten of Opalinska’s photographs appear below. More to follow next week.


  1. rosemerry says:

    Thanks Belén; i have only just found this website, but bought and LOVED “coffee with hezbollah”. keep up the good work.

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