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Ethiopian Jews imperil Israel yet again by potentially resembling Al Qaeda operatives


Al Qaeda disguise selves as Ethiopians disguised as Israelis.

An April Haaretz article entitled ‘Al-Qaida terrorists may pose as Ethiopians to sneak into Israel’ bears the sub-headline: “In letter to Haaretz, Yemen Islamists say they may send terrorists to Israel disguised as Ethiopian Jews.” The question of whether Al Qaeda always notifies Israeli newspapers of its tactical options is answered in the second paragraph of the article, which specifies that the letter is not in fact from the organization itself but rather from “[Yemeni] Shi’ite rebels” who simply quote from another letter allegedly sent by Al Qaeda to a Salafist group in Gaza. The rebel missive highlighting Al Qaeda’s grasp of the general interchangeability of dark-skinned persons is meanwhile explained as having been submitted with the belief that the “publication in Haaretz [of the Al Qaeda scheme] could influence U.S. policy toward the Shi’ites in Yemen”; no speculation is made as to what sort of effect said publication might have on Israeli policy toward its own Ethiopian population, which until now has merely been subjected to things like housing discrimination and injection with controversial birth control drugs.

Why Al Qaeda is not dressing up like other demographic threats to Israel is hinted at in a quote from its letter to the Salafist group about the failure to infiltrate Palestinian territory:

We made great efforts to dispatch fighters from [Yemen] to the Gaza Strip but the Hamas government refused them, claiming that they do not need fighters.”

Lack of harmony among terrorists does not of course mean that drones cannot eliminate women and children in Gaza and Yemen with equal success. As for past Israeli attempts at exchanging arms for Ethiopian Jews, the reverse exchange might currently be more palatable to West Bank settlers who inform Ethiopian members of the Israel Defense Forces that “Niggers don’t expel Jews”.



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