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U.S. mediates talks between Abbas and sculpture of comatose Sharon


(Photo: Sinai/Getty)

Following the recent unveiling of a life-size sculpture of incapacitated former Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon, ex-Sharon adviser Ra’anan Gissin registered his opposition to artist Noam Braslavsky’s rendering of the politico-military figure, saying that he did not care to remember Sharon in his current vegetative state but rather in his proper incarnation, when he was “always active, always doing something for better or for worse”.

Had Braslavsky been more considerate, he might thus have alluded to Sharon’s for-better-or-worse activity by installing his piece not at a Tel Aviv art gallery but rather at the al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem or the Sabra and Shatila Palestinian refugee camps in Beirut.

As for Braslavsky’s defense of his artistic license and his right “to bring [Sharon] back to the headlines”, one way to simultaneously bring the once-again moribund Israeli-Palestinian peace process back to the headlines as well would be to appoint the sculpture head of the Israeli negotiating team. The U.S. would quickly realize that it is easier to deal with comatose Israeli prime ministers than non-comatose ones, and there would still be plenty of opportunities to make creative demands of the Palestinians, such as recognition that the sculpture is alive as a prerequisite for peace.


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