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Questions about fighter jets


Worth how many fighter jets?

Today’s Jerusalem Post summarizes some of the rewards offered by the U.S. in its latest attempt to coax Israel into briefly curtailing its illegal activity on Palestinian land. In exchange for a proposed 90-day moratorium on settlement-building, East Jerusalem excluded,

The US administration would ask Congress to approve the supply of 20 additional advanced fighter planes to Israel worth $3 billion so that Israel can keep its qualitative [military] edge.

This defense assistance will be added into Israel’s security agreement with the US, so that Israel’s safety can be assured.”

I have just a few initial questions about this proposed exchange:

  1. Is the number of illegal settlements that can be erected in a period of 90 days somehow equivalent, in terms of qualitative military edge, to 20 advanced fighter jets?
  2. Is continued building in East Jerusalem vital for Israeli security, no matter how many fighter jets the state possesses?
  3. Do pauses in settlement-building embolden the Iranian regime and cause it to forget about Israel’s nuclear stockpile?

Additional questions might be posed to U.S. taxpayers, such as whether the Israeli ability to break the sound barrier over Lebanon is a personal priority.



  1. Heike Winnig says:

    I love this post !! Thank you so much !!

    Your dry sense of humor is especially appreciated and appealing 🙂 Of course, obviously there’s nothing even remotely funny about the insanity of Israel, but I especially appreciated your last comment “whether the Israeli ability to break the sound barrier over Lebanon is a personal priority.”
    I couldn’t help but laugh over that :)) LOL… Maybe it’s the helpless frustration of it all…

  2. kate bates says:

    How about using the stick as opposed to the carrot approach, I think USA is in a position to dictate every-thing the state of Izrael does, as we USA taxpayers are footing the bill for their crimes.

    20 new jets? No, you don’t reward a scofflaw just for obeying the law like the rest of humanity.

    Obama should stand up & say end colonial settlements immediately, not one penny until construction ends 4ever and the Gazan borders are free flowing with no seige & no daily encursions of bombing & killing Palestinians.

    Why is it that Europe is more civilized than USA?
    Why are war criminals (Netanyahu) allowed into my country to fund raise when he should be served with arrest papers for war crimes, crimes against humanity and insulting Obama & Americans.

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