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How to Disappear a Coup in 3 Easy Steps


Isis Obed Murillo: democratic collateral damage (Photo: AP)

The reaction of the U.S. State Department to last year’s coup d’état against Honduran President Mel Zelaya provides an instructive example for governments worldwide who may wish to thwart democracy in their own backyards.

Interested parties are invited to internalize the following three simple steps:

  1. Spend as many months as possible debating whether the coup was really a coup or military in nature, and ignore cables from your embassy in the country in question stating that “there is no doubt that the military, Supreme Court and National Congress conspired on [INSERT DATE] in what constituted an illegal and unconstitutional coup against the Executive Branch”. [See WikiLeaks release regarding Honduras]
  2. Cause your ambassador to the country in question to forget his/her previous cable and to declare elections conducted under an illegal government “free, fair, and transparent”. Ignore fabrications of voter turnout and assassinations of local citizens who continue to regard the ousting of their president as illegal and unconstitutional.
  3. Restore any aid that might have been suspended while you were debating whether or not the coup was a coup, and plead to have the country in question reinstated to all regional organizations from which it was banished due to undemocratic behavior.



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