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Shin Bet may appreciate Caroline Baum’s breasts


Not a TSA favorite

Perhaps I am out of the loop, but is it normal in mainstream U.S. media these days to suggest that domestic airport security be outsourced to the Israeli Shin Bet?

At first glance, you might not guess that this is the gist of Caroline Baum’s Nov. 28 Bloomberg article “My Breasts Pass Unchecked by Airport Screeners”, which begins with Baum admitting she was jealous to learn that an Orlando passenger had been subjected to additional airport screening due to the size of her breasts.

Upon learning that this Orlando passenger was not the only one to receive such treatment, Baum excuses “breast stares” from male Transportation Security Administration agents as follows:

What’s so bad about that? There was a time — think Marilyn Monroe — when women encouraged longing looks from the opposite sex with cinched-in waists and cups that runneth over.”

As long as we are reducing female worth to physical appearance, let me go ahead and say that I sympathize with the TSA decision to waive the pat-down in Ms. Baum’s case.

After reviewing additional details such as that “far more graphic material [than that generated by full body scans] is available at a newsstand in most airports”, Baum arrives at the Shin Bet connection:

Could we do smarter security? Of course. We could learn a few things from the Israelis, maybe even outsource airport security to the Shin Bet, Israel’s domestic security agency, which is charged with protecting El Al, the national airline.

Ben-Gurion International Airport outside Tel Aviv has been recognized as the safest in the world. By the time passengers arrive at the airport, Israeli security agents know who they’re looking for. The screening process begins when a ticket is booked.

Israel employs ethnic profiling, spending more time interviewing a young Arab male with a one-way ticket paid for in cash than an elderly Jewish grandmother or Hebrew University students off on a summer holiday. Muslim Arabs may be singled out unfairly, but they’re the ones committed to the destruction of the Jewish state. It’s this same group — albeit a small minority — that’s targeting the U.S.”

The phrasing of the final two sentences leads us to believe that all Muslim Arabs are committed to the destruction of Israel while a small minority targets the U.S. However “unfair” ethnic profiling is, it is thus necessary.

Luckily for Ms. Baum, she will also be exempt in the event the TSA decides to adopt other methods perfected by the Shin Bet, such as shackling Muslim Arabs in unnatural positions and depriving them of sleep for prolonged periods.

I would meanwhile advise Bloomberg columnists who end their odes to Israeli security with jokes about push-up bras to consider taking the time to speak to people who have far more to worry about than whether or not security officials are looking at their breasts.



  1. Unacceptable says:

    “As long as we are reducing female worth to physical appearance, let me go ahead and say that I sympathize with the TSA decision to waive the pat-down in Ms. Baum’s case.”

    Whatever you think about Ms. Baum’s writing, this comment is revolting. It paints you in a very poor light and leaves you utterly unqualified to pass judgment.

  2. Seeing as how hardly a week goes by without some misshap or other being reported at BG Airport (usually a near miss between an El Al plane and some foreign one (the latter immediately being designated as the guilty party in the Israel press) it is difficult to accept the statement that this same airport is the safest in the world.

  3. Seymour Alexander, I think you’re talking shite. Please give two examples from the last six months of the Israeli press blaming a foreign carrier for a near miss involving El Al.

    I’ll give you a year to cover your claim of “hardly a week”.

    Israeli does plenty of things wrong without you making stuff up for no good (malicious?) reason.

    • Google ‘Near Miss Ben Gurion Airport’ and you get 15,600 responses.
      How about:
      Originally Posted by ELAL View Post
      ….it’s clear that the current system in TLV is patheic, while in other airports like LHR planes queing to land is very normal, in TLV they can’t seem to control it.
      Near Miss at Ben Gurion Airport

      Reported: 18:58 PM – Nov/18/10
      Follow Israel news briefs on and

      An Air Berlin plane nearly hit an El Al Israel airliner Thursday over Ben Gurion International Airport. The Air Berlin jet started its takeoff on a flight to Cologne as the El Al plane was coming in for a landing. The German airliner’s pilot deviated from the course that he had been assigned, bringing the planes too close for comfort, 4,000 feet (1,219 meters) above the ground.

      Near-collision at Ben-Gurion after flight controller ‘lost it’
      Two El Al planes were circling during heavy traffic at airport
      By Zohar Blumenkrantz

      A near collision between two El Al planes coming in to land at Ben-Gurion International Airport is being investigated by the Transportation Ministry. The two planes came dangerously close to each other last Friday morning, when at least 10 incoming flights were kept circling due to traffic overload, officials said.

      I don’t want to spend the whole day doing this; presumably you know how to use a search engine yourself.

      • Interesting to take a look at the haarets report (21/12/09) headlined :

        Airliners escape near collision in Ben Gurion Airport
        Incident comes only 24 hours after a Russian plane nearly landed on the wrong airport strip.
        By Zohar Blumenkrantz

        Just two sentences are sufficient to see where the blame has been immediately alloted in the report:

        “The IAA reported that a landing Lufthansa passenger passed dangerously close to an El Al jetliner about to take off, ” rather than an alternative version that an El Al jetliner was attemptting to take off in the path of a landing Lufthansa jet.


        “The incident came only 24 ours after a Russian Transaero plane began landing in the direction of the sea on Tuesday, when the pilot apparently became confused ”

        Notice it was of course the Russian pilot who was confused not the air traffic controllers.

  4. 6170 says:

    It is worth pointing out that this BenGurion Airport nonsense was more or less started by Olbermann, who had on as a guest the architect of the security there, who never mentioned race — he talked about intensive interviews which would highlight anyone who looked like they were hiding something or agitated — and the Unbelievably Soviet media immediately began this chorus of constructed consensus about the justice of racial profiling as though their racism was corroborated and not contradicted by his comments.

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