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Israel Loves Lebanon


Last month on a farm outside a small Texas town, I encountered an Israeli in his twenties who overheard me say that I had been to Lebanon and who mischievously remarked that he had also “been, but not been”.

I asked him what year his non-trip had occurred and if it had perhaps been military in nature. A year or two after the Israeli withdrawal, he said–he could not remember–and yes.

His companion, a Texan unacquainted with the tradition of subtle Israeli visits to neighbors, asked if he had liked the food.

The Israeli changed the subject to cell phone photographs of himself with scantily outfitted American females and shared his latest philosophy on life, which was that one must create love in everything one does. My latest philosophy is that continued Israeli lovemaking in Lebanon is not compatible with the term “withdrawal”.


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  1. Liat says:

    my name is Liat and I am from Israel. I am currently working on a peace internet project called “beer in Beirut”. the project is a music video, where you people from all over the world drinking beer in front of the webcams and singing the song together. I am contacting you in the hope that you will help me spread the word about this project in Lebanon, if you do not wish to spread the project in Lebanon please give me advise on how to do so. here is a link to the facebook page with instructions and explanation

    and here is a link to download this funky song and lyrics

    Thank U:)
    peace and love from Israel

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