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Fake Venezuelan money financing Nicaraguan protests in Honduras


Honduran Red Cross apprehends Venezuelan-Nicaraguan posing as tear gas inhalation victim

In response to the ongoing teachers’ strike in Honduras, the demands of which include an end to the privatization of public education, the illegitimate Honduran government that came to power following the 2009 coup against President Mel Zelaya has declared the strike illegal, threatened to fire striking teachers and to possibly dissolve teachers’ unions.

In typical fashion, the obsequious Honduran media has been trotting out propaganda headlines, such as today’s top news in El Heraldo: “Counterfeit dollars financing teacher protests.” In the body of the article, we of course discover that the possibility that fake money is arriving from abroad to fuel the strike is merely (supposedly) being investigated by authorities.

Defense Minister Marlon Pascua is quoted as saying:

I can’t definitively point to a specific country, but you all can imagine who might be interested in financing these kinds of operations in Honduras in order to sow unrest and anxiety.”

For the benefit of the unimaginative, El Heraldo subtly specifies that Pascua “did not dare confirm whether he was talking about Venezuela or [other] UNASUR countries.”

The article meanwhile proceeds to warn that Honduran Security Minister Oscar Alvarez has already “confirmed that the pro-Zelaya [i.e. anti-coup, pro-democracy] marches are infiltrated by persons of Nicaraguan origin” but notes that “[n]o foreigners have yet been detained.”

Apparently, it is only permissible for Nicaraguans to infiltrate Honduran territory in order to perpetrate U.S.-directed wars against leftist Nicaraguan governments. As for the permissibility of the current Honduran regime’s continued slaying of non-Venezuelan, non-Nicaraguan (non-Cuban, non-Bolivian, etc.) peaceful protesters such as 59-year-old assistant principal Ilse Velásquez, this goes without saying.


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