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The Imperial Messenger: promotional video


The following is a short promotional video for my book The Imperial Messenger: Thomas Friedman at Work. (gracias Amelia)



  1. MRW says:

    Love the video, darlin’. Now I’m off to Amazon to get my instant download. (It better be available that way. ;-))

  2. MRW says:

    Belen, what is wrong with your publisher that it isn’t available for a Kindle? (I had to buy the hard copy…you can’t read them in bars.) I read everything on my iPad and so does 25% of the US reading public. At least on some kind of digital reader. Tell them to get on it.

  3. Mike B says:

    Love it sounds exciting 😀

  4. frank scott says:

    he doesn’t make me laugh anymore but you certainly did… in fact he became too nauseating for me to read years ago, but this puke inducing image and sound contrasted with your wonderfully biting comment makes me wish you very well with this book…he deserves your best and most charming venom and you deserve great success…if you don’t have it already..

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