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Nuclear weapons permissible on Iranian soil as long as they belong to Russia or China

Lula and Erdoğan conspire to increase political executions in Iran.

FETHIYE, TURKEY—Arriving to a Turkish friend’s house in the middle of last evening’s public television newscast, I was given a recap of national accomplishments reported thus far. According to Mehmet these included:

  1. Turkish qualification to the final round of the Eurovision Song Contest.
  2. Turkish emancipation of the Gaza Strip.
  3. Turkish defiance of U.S. attempts to monopolize the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

The premature claim of Gazan emancipation was, it turned out, a result of Mehmet’s misinterpretation of news footage of a port scene comprising the Mavi Marmara, a critical Turkish component of the Freedom Flotilla currently attempting to break the siege of Gaza. The timeline was rectified when Mehmet accepted that Gaza would presumably not be in such dire need of help if it resembled the Turkish port of Antalya, and that the Turkish flag was perhaps not the predominant feature of the contemporary Gazan landscape.