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Things the BBC forgot to ask Jody McIntyre

BBC newsroom to be added shortly (Image from thetvroom.com)

BBC anchor Ben Brown has proven himself an ace investigative reporter, revealing during an interview with disabled victim of British police violence Jody McIntyre that the latter has not yet launched an official complaint with the police—despite the fact that the incident occurred several days ago! Thus, McIntyre’s brutal treatment must be a fabrication, even though it is recorded in video footage shown on the BBC.

In case the incident really did happen, Brown accusingly interrogates McIntyre about reports that he wants to start a revolutionary movement and that he was rolling toward police in his wheelchair, obvious provocations that warrant being dragged across asphalt and hit with a baton. He then cuts off McIntyre’s attempt to liken BBC coverage of the tuition fee protests with BBC coverage of the Palestinian issue, both of which focus on blaming violence on the victims.



Nasrallah may have addressed allies as “Yo, Ayatollah” during July War

Yo. (Photo: Amelia Opalinska)

One week from today—July 12—will mark the fourth anniversary of the start of the July War in Lebanon, which lasted 34 days and resulted in the deaths of approximately 1200 Lebanese civilians and 43 Israeli civilians. None of the latter nationality were liquidated by Apache helicopter after being ordered by Hezbollah to abandon their villages.

Around the time of one such massacre in Lebanon, U.S. President George W. Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair took advantage of the G8 meeting in Russia to hold a chummy private conversation in which they reflected on certain aspects of the war but failed to ensure that a nearby microphone was switched off.

Highlights of the conversation include how Blair should perhaps travel to the afflicted region instead of U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, as Rice would be expected to deliver a ceasefire whereas Blair, in his own words, “can go out and just talk.” As for Bush’s contributions to world diplomacy, these include addressing the British prime minister as “Yo, Blair” and suggesting that Syria tell Hezbollah to “stop doing this shit.”

Following are excerpts from the transcript of the conversation published on the BBC website, which I have divided into thematic categories.